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Leave-on treatment with 19 beautiful benefits for colour-treated hair. Apply daily to essential, protect and excellent hair colour.

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  • 19 Essential Benefits:


    • Protects against color fade
    • Instantly detangles
    • Makes blow drying easier
    • Moisturizing parched hair
    • Helps even out porosity
    • Weightlessly conditions
    • Ideal cutting lotion



    • Helps prevent split ends
    • Helps prevent breakage

    10. Helps strengthen hair fiber

    11. Protects against heat damage

    12. Shields against environmental damage



    13. Creates silkiness

    14. Repair hair squama

    15. Reduces dryness

    16. Controls Frizz

    17. Reduces static

    18. Refreshes hair for styling

    19. Adds shine

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